Elizabeth Sackman is DaVinci's Healthy Schools Coordinator.



SDE Coordinated Healthy School (www.sde.idaho.gov/site/csh/) filmed our students in various health related activities. This video is on their website as part of their "Coordinated School Health Success Stories" to report what the healthy schools' grant participants have developed from their involvement.

To download and watch this video, click the following link:

DaVinci Charter School Has Big Dreams


Our Healthy Schools Coordinator, Elizabeth Sackman, recently was asked to present a display about our Healthy Schools Program in the Idaho Capitol's rotunda for legislators to view. She was able to visit with a variety of guests to share our creative ideas to address exercise and nutrition.



Miss Elizabeth's kindergarten class prepares their mobile gardens as part of their science/math/environment project with plans to feed students this spring and fall!