DaVinci Charter School closed February 28, 2013.


The DaVinci Charter School board of directors voted during a special meeting on 2/18/13 to close the school permanently February 28.  The decision was based on finances.  We wish the very best to our our wonderful students and families.  You will be missed, but we know you're ready for the world!

For questions regarding 2013 DaVinci student records that were not requested prior to the school's closing, contact the Idaho Dept of Ed.  Michelle Clement Taylor @ (208) 312-6800.

From the DaVinci Charter School Board:

Hello Community Members,

Since DaVinci Charter School is shutting down over the next week, there are many items that need to find a new home.  Most of the assets in the school are being directed to other schools in the state.  This is being done in accordance with all applicable laws and guidelines.
There are some items that do not fall under these guidelines and need to be disposed of, per the DaVinci Charter School's charter.  That is why you are receiving this email.  The attached list is what has been inventoried and what will be available to be purchased on Friday, February 22.  The price of the item on Friday will be 20% off the suggested price on the attached form.  If you, or your organization, want to purchase any of these items at this exact price, please come to the school between 9 AM and 2 PM Friday, February 22. We are only prepared to accept cash or check.  No credit cards will be accepted.
These items will also be available for purchase on Saturday, February 22 and Sunday, February 23.  They will only be available for purchase between 12PM and 4PM.  You will need to take the item(s) when you purchase them.  Please know there will be no one available to deliver or help with loading.
As the weekend progresses, the prices will drop 10% every hour.
This is an example of how this might work:  Item 1 has a suggested price on the attached spreadsheet of $100.

On Friday, Item 1 will be priced at $80 for the entire day 9AM-2PM.
On Saturday, Item 1 will start out at $80 and drop to $72 at 1PM, $65 at 2PM, $58 at 3PM.
On Sunday, Item 1 will start out at $58 and so on...

This is a sad time for all associated with the school.  This is not something that we are looking forward to doing.  The Board of Directors want it to be known that if this sale enables us to pay all of our debts, and there is any money left over, then we are bound by the Charter of the school to donate the remainder to an appropriate charity.

We look forward to your participation in the last DaVinci Charter School fundraiser.

Darin Vickery, President
DaVinci Charter School Board of Directors
5655 N Glenwood Dr.
Garden City, ID 83713
(Take the driveway in between Einstein's Oilery and the archery shop across from Hawks Stadium)